"Jesus’ Invitation to Find Community in Him," Luke 5:17-26

In the world, there are "insiders" and there are "outsiders."  While in the Church we dis...View Details

"Created for Community," John 17:20-26

The church is not a place to which we go, but a body that we are gathered into.  Too often, people's "mouths ...View Details

Isaiah 6:1-7, "A People of Unclean Lips"

A sinful man standing in the presence of the Holy God, Isaiah prepares to be struck down.  Instead, God in ...View Details

Genesis 11:1–9, "The Towers We Build"

The people at Babel saw their own accomplishments as the greatest good in this life and so they started to bui...View Details

The Holy Spirit, Whom Jesus told the disciples they would receive to counsel and encourage them in the dark days ahead has been received by the baptiz...View Details

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